Southwest Decision Resources offers experienced support for collaborative decision making processes, including assessment, facilitation, mediation, strategic planning, coaching, mentoring, and training.

We work with communities, government agencies, and NGOs to design, facilitate and help document more structured and inclusive processes, with an emphasis on fostering more positive, sustained working relationships among stakeholders, building organizational leadership, and enhancing capacity for effective participation.

We’re committed to achieving broad participation, higher quality outcomes, and more lasting solutions.

SDR is a woman-owned small business with offices in Tucson and Flagstaff, Arizona.

 * ​* SDR 2021 Trainings *

Facilitation (offered virtually)

July 28 & 30 (10-12, 2-4 MST)

 September 9 & 10 (9-11, 1-3 MST)

September 24 & 25 (9-11, 1-3 MST)



Designing and Supporting Collaboratives

Virtual - Fall dates TBA


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