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Current Projects

Sustainable Recreation Planning and Collaboration. USFS Southwest Region, Coronado, Prescott, Coconino, Tonto, Gila and Santa Fe National Forests and numerous partners.  Providing process design, facilitation, training and other collaboration building support to new and ongoing "all hands, all lands" sustainable recreation efforts in Arizona and New Mexico.  Topics include regional trail planning, youth engagement, watchable wildlife, river recreation, data sharing, and monitoring among others.

Landscape Conservation Design. Desert Landscape Conservation Cooperative. Providing design, assessment and facilitation support for bi-national large landscape design efforts in the southwest US and northern Mexico.  Core team also includes Sky Island Alliance, Bird Conservatory of the Rockies, University of Arizona, Southwest Climate Science Center.

Regional Mitigation Strategy, Northeastern National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska. BLM Alaska.  Co-facilitating (with Jan Caulfield Consulting) the development of a regional mitigation strategy with native, environmental, agency and other North Slope stakeholders.  Core team includes BLM and Argonne National Labs.   

Forest Plan Revision. Tonto National Forest. Public engagement design and facilitation support for the planning process under the new USFS Planning Rule. (Central AZ)

Las Cienegas National Conservation Area, Bureau of Land Management. University of Arizona Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (2013-present) and US Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution (2009-2012).  Providing assessment, process design, facilitation, meeting planning, documentation, website development and management, and other process support for this long term multi-stakeholder collaborative adaptive management process (Sonoita, AZ).  LasCienegasAdaptiveManagement.Net

Altar Valley Conservation Alliance.  Facilitated strategic planning for the Altar Valley Conservation Alliance (AVCA), a rancher alliance in the Altar Valley watershed. Currently providing support for the Altar Watershed Working Group and a collaborative conservation strategy aligning AVCA and partner goals and efforts in the Altar Valley watershed. (Southern AZ)

Cross-Watershed Network. 
 As a founding member of the XWN Steering Committee, providing strategic planning, network building, and facilitation support for this emerging peer-to-peer network linking watershed practitioners and partnerships across the arid Southwest. CrossWatershed.Net

Verde Watershed Restoration Coalition. Facilitating steering committee meetings and providing process support for the collaborative riparian restoration effort the Verde Watershed, as part of the Walton Family Foundation Freshwater Initiative (Central AZ).