The basic elements of our approach include: 

  • Providing up front assessment, analysis, and support to ensure common understanding of the issues, stakeholder dynamics, and potential constraints and opportunities.

  • Designing a process that encourages broad-based representation of all affected stakeholders, as well as strong organizational and stakeholder buy-in.

  • Providing appropriate facilitation, consensus building, and mediation services.

  • Appropriate coaching, mentoring, and/or training to enhance organizational capacity and stakeholders’ ability to participate effectively.

  • Developing working partnerships, active networks, and inclusive organizational structure.

  • Creating multiple learning opportunities through a variety of meeting and workshop settings, public events, field studies, program cross visits, applied research, and training events.

  • Integrating best available science, information, and joint fact-finding approaches into field-based initiatives.

  • Supporting effective monitoring, evaluation, and documentation of program efforts.

  • Developing effective communication strategies through innovative web-based tools.