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Group Facilitation Skills Training

January 26, 2018 - Tucson, AZ (University of Arizona)

This 1-day facilitation training will help prepare you for all aspects of facilitating successful meetings. We will explore facilitation and its many applications, introduce key principles that guide successful facilitation, and practice specific tools and methods.


Conflict and Collaboration in Community and Environmental Decision-Making

Dates TBA

In this intensive, 40-hour skill building training workshop, participants will learn how to analyze and understand the dynamics of conflict and collaboration in complex public policy settings. The workshop will help participants develop the conceptual understanding, the analytical tools, and the practical skills of:

  • Conflict or situation assessment
  • Convening and facilitation
  • Process design
  • Joint fact-finding
  • Applications of decision support tools
  • Regional visioning and a range of public engagement strategies

The learning approach includes the introduction of basic principles, lessons and tools, hands-on skill-building exercises, case scenarios and group problem-solving sessions, practitioner case clinics, and includes a one-day project field visit.


Larry Fisher, UA School of Natural Resources and the Environment
Tahnee Robertson, Southwest Decision Resources
Colleen Whitaker, Southwest Decision Resources
Andi Rogers, Southwest Decision Resources

Location: University of Arizona

For additional information: please contact Larry Fisher -

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