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Supporting effective collaboration to build enduring solutions

Southwest Decision Resources (SDR)

SDR is a dynamic team of facilitation and collaboration professionals.


We are committed to more inclusive and informed decision making on natural resource, community, and public policy issues; working with diverse partners to navigate complex issues. Through equitable engagement and a clear collaborative process, we help partners achieve higher quality, more broadly supported and enduring solutions.


The SDR team is based in Arizona and works across the Southwest and beyond.

Our approach emphasizes:

  • Assessing the situation and stakeholders to identify shared interests, potential challenges, and opportunities to work together

  • Designing a customized approach to guide the collaborative process forward

  • Building effective partnerships with and across communities, governments, NGOs, and many others 

  • Facilitation and mediation to help diverse stakeholders find common ground and develop shared solutions

  • Collaborative problem solving to develop meaningful solutions for complex challenges

  • Strategic planning with organizations and collaboratives to build common goals and achieve clear outcomes

  • Capacity building through mentorship, training and coaching to help stakeholders become more effective collaborative leaders and participants


Our Work

Our work covers diverse landscapes and communities and is centered around core areas of expertise.

Collaboratives and Networks


Collaborative Conservation


Forest and Watershed Management

Communities and Stewardship


Outdoor Recreation Planning


Strategic Planning and Governance


Climate Planning and Engagement


Working Landscapes and Adaptive Management

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